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From time zones and currency to electricity and telephone codes, here’s your essential information about travel and tourism in Belarus

What time zone is Belarus in?
Belarus is in the Eastern European Standard (EET) time zone. EET is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2). Belarus summer time (from the last Sunday in March till the last Sunday in October) is 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3).

What is the currency of Belarus?
The Belarus currency is the ruble (rubel).
What is the electricity voltage in Belarus?
Electricity in Belarus is 220v, 50Hz alternating current.
All plugs are symmetrical two pin, as in continental Western Europe. If you are travelling from the UK or the USA it is advisable to take at least two adaptor sets with you.

What is the Belarus country code?
The telephone dialling code for Belarus is +375

What are the main Belarus city codes?
International telephone dialling codes for major Belarus cities are:

Brest: +375 162
Minsk: +375 17
Gomel: +375 232
Grodno: +375 152
Mogilev: +375 222
Vitebsk: +375 212

How do you call home from Belarus?
To make international calls (including the CIS) from Belarus, you need to dial:
8-10-country code-number

How do you dial between cities in Belarus?
Once you’re in Belarus, if you want to make a call to another Belarusian city you need to dial:
8-city code-number

Do you need any immunisations to travel to Belarus?
No specific vaccinations are required to travel to Belarus, but it is sensible to be up to date with the following before you travel:

    hepatitis A and B


What is the tipping etiquette in Belarus?
Tipping is entirely discretionary in Belarus and service charges are not automatically added to the bill.
If you want to tip in a restaurant or café, give about 5% of the total amount. Taxi drivers and hotel staff don’t generally expect tips, although they are always gratefully received!
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