Answers to frequently asked questions about the company Aparton

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How does our company?

Our company provides service to find apartments for short stays in the city of Minsk. From you only need to submit a request through the reservation system on our website or contact us in any way convenient for you (e-mail, skype, icq or telephone). Also, we need to know what type of apartment you want to stay, the required number of rooms, number of guests, length of stay in Minsk and the need for additional services (transfer from the airport / train station, registration, visa invitation or the local mobile phone).


You provide reporting documents for accounting?

Yes, we provide all the necessary documents for accounting. 


Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, you can pay by bank transfer on 100% prepayment. Please, when you contact our managers to specify the need for payment by bank transfer of residence. Можно ли оплатить проживание безналичным расчетом?


How to book an apartment?

To book an apartment, you have to fill the reservation form on our website by specifying the code of the apartment that you want to stay, arrival and departure, number of people and your contact details. The reservation is guaranteed after the prepayment. Otherwise, the company reserves the right to change the accommodation on an alternative or propose other conditions. By paying reservation you need to pay in advance for the first night stay. The money will be paid on arrival the first day. If you're doing us a request to rent an apartment, you automatically agree to our booking conditions. Your reservation is valid only after receipt of advance payment, otherwise our company makes no warranty! Note. Minimum advance booking period - 7 days holidays (during the Christmas, New Year, May holidays, etc.) and 3 days in the rest of the time.


Terms of Settlement

Check-in: 13:00

Check-out: 12:00.

In case of early entry, to 13.00, payment is as follows:

+ 50% of the daily cost of housing at the entrance from 8:00 to 13:00
+ 100% of the daily cost of housing at the entrance to 8:00
In case of late check-out, after 12.00, payment is as follows:
+ 50% of the daily value of the property at the check in from 12:00 to 18:00
+ 100% of the daily cost of housing at the check-in after 18:00


Apartments with daily rental available:

- For 1 day;
- For several days;
- Per month.


Could it be that the apartment I booked accommodated another, more "profitable" customer?

It is excluded. For us there are no "profitable" and "unprofitable" customers. The only exception is the extension of the rental client living in the apartment. Each case is considered individually and in any case, in such a situation, our company guarantees the settlement of the apartment at least the same level for 2 hours.


Do you provide catering services?

Yes. We cooperate with the delivery of food and beverage companies. Booklets proposals are apartments. Also, all apartments are equipped with necessary appliances and utensils for cooking. In addition, almost all apartments are located in areas with good infrastructure, so you will find catering easy.


If I have to shorten your stay in Minsk, whether I will return the remains of the sum?

If, after payment by you for any reason decide to shorten their stay, the payment for the unlived days fully refundable minus the cost penalty of one night stay. Also, if you had to make allowances for accommodation, this discount is canceled and recalculation actually lived days are counted at full value.


Are there any discounts for the rental of apartments for rent?

Yes, the length of stay for clients of more than 5 nights a flexible system of discounts. Also it provides a 10% discount for pre booking an apartment (not less than 7 days). discount program provided to regular customers. Discounts can range from 10 to 40%.

*Discounts are not cumulative and do not apply to the festive period.


What is included in the price of renting an apartment?

The price of this apartment includes:

- Granting the right of an individual to use the apartment and all who are in it for the paid property lease term (checkout time - 12.00);
- Cleaning services for apartments (1-2 times per week);
- Bed linen and towels (1 per week);
- Cable TV;
- Unlimited Wi-Fi internet access. If there is no internet in the apartment chosen by you, our company is ready to provide you with a 3G modem with high-speed access to the Internet (up to 3.6 Mbit / s) for a fee.

How you can make a payment for rent of the apartment?

- Non-cash transfer to the account;
- Cash;
- Webmoney.

How is the accommodation in the apartment?

On the day of your arrival, at a pre-agreed time you will be greeted by our manager at your residence. If your arrival time is uncertain exactly, you call us at least 1 hour before arrival to the apartment and make an appointment. At the time of the settlement, you pay for the full duration of your stay. On the day of your departure to the agreed time, our manager will come to pick up the key and check the serviceability of equipment, furniture and general condition of the apartment.