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Registration of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in Belarus

Each guest is our capital company Aparton pleased to offer a wide range of various services, which also includes the temporary registration of foreign citizens in Belarus. Every foreigner who comes into our country must necessarily undergo the procedure of temporary registration. Registration - a procedure for a foreign national permission for temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Temporarily staying in the Republic of Belarus alien - a person who arrived in the Republic of Belarus for a period not exceeding ninety days in a year from the date of entry into the Republic of Belarus.

In accordance with article 36 of the Law, foreign citizens arriving in Belarus are required within three days (excluding weekends, public holidays and public holidays declared by the President of the non-working RB), sign up for registration authority: (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Internal organ Affairs, or the hotel, carrying out registration of aliens).

For the comfort of our clients we provide services for temporary registration without the need for the presence of the client, ie Now you do not need to stand in queues and fill out numerous paper to obtain a temporary registration. To do this we need from you the following documents:
- Application;
- Migration card;
- An insurance policy medical insurance. The exceptions are citizens of the CIS, as well as citizens of Austria, Albania, Algeria, Brazil, Britain, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Canada, Peoples Republic of China, Colombia, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Lebanon, Libya, Madagascar, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia;

Time for temporary registration is typically less than one day.

Be careful! Please note that in case of failure of the temporary registration, when leaving the Republic of Belarus in accordance with our legislation you face a fine up to 1.000.000 rubles.