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Visa Information

Here is the info we need to provide you with necessary document pack:

1) Citizenship
2) Your full name
3) Date of birth
4) Passport number
5) Your address
6) Period of staying in Belarus
7) Place of getting the visa (Belarussian Embassy or Airport Minsk-2)

Visa Information:

In order to obtain a Belarusian visa the following documents should be submitted (brought in person or by visa service company, sent by Royal Mail or courier) to the Consular and Visa Section of the Embassy:

1. A valid original passport or travel document with at least one blank page available for the visa (please, without any covers). The passport must be valid not less than 90 days beyond the date of planned departure from Belarus.

2. Completely filled out visa application form. If a question does not apply, please, write "n/a". Incomplete forms will be returned to applicants unprocessed. The visa application form should be filled out in legible handwriting or typing. The purpose of visit must be described in detail. It is the applicants' responsibility to check that the information given on the form is correct and they must sign the form themselves. Failure to observe this requirement may result in refusal of the application.

3. One recent passport-sized (45mm x 35 mm) colour photograph of the applicant, which should be glued or stapled to the marked space at the upper right-hand corner of the application form.  The photograph should be:
- taken against a plain, evenly lit and light background;
- clear and of good quality;
- printed on normal photographic paper;
- full face without sunglasses, hat or other head covering unless for ethnic or religious reasons.
Please, note that they may not accept photographs which do not meet these requirements.

4. Visa support documents:
Type C - Short-term (tourist) visa (up to 30 days) - an original tourist voucher from a registered Belarusian travel agency. Please, note that a hotel voucher does not substitute a tourist voucher.
Citizens of the European Union states, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and some other countries (please, check at the Embassy) can submit a copy of the tourist voucher with a covering letter from a Belarusian travel agency.