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A Guide to Customs Process and Procedures in Belarus

Do you have to make a customs declaration when you enter Belarus?

Yes. All people arriving in and leaving Belarus must complete a customs and goods declaration form. These are usually available on the plane and at the airport.

What are the rules for personal luggage?

Travellers are allowed to take up to 50 kg of personal luggage with them to Belarus, up to a value of 1,500 euros.

Any items in addition to this are subject to duty at 30% and not less than 2 euros per kilo.
Are there any duty-free limits?

Yes. The following items are restricted for import:
- spirits (including beer containing more than 7% Vol. alcohol)  3 litres
- cigarettes  200 or 250 g tobacco
- jewellery  5 pieces
- second-hand tyres  4
- foodstuffs:
- from the CIS  30 kg per person from June to October
- 5 kg per person during the rest of the year
- from other countries  5 kg per person

How much money can you take into Belarus?

There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency that you can take with you into Belarus.
You must declare amounts over 10,000 USD on entry to Belarus on the declaration form.

What items are not allowed to be taken into Belarus?

The following items can NOT be carried by travellers to Belarus:

- firearms
- military equipment
- narcotics
- poisons
- radioactive and explosive substances

Animals and plants can only be brought into Belarus with the appropriate health and veterinary certificates.